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1 Jul

My Dads Bus

My dad used to drive buses from Ponders End garage on the 69 route between Camberwell Green and Wormley, the Queens Head.

The bus had an outside staircase and an open drivers cab, he was fro...


13 May

The Skylon

We went to the South Bank in London shortly after the festival opened, there was thousands of people, it was packed.

We saw the Skylon and photographed it from directly underneath where ther...


27 Jun

Our day out at Biggin Hill


Glen, Steve, Chris, Becky and I,

Went to Biggin Hill, to see the show in the sky.

Up lanes long and narrow...


27 Apr

My Dakota flight at Coventry


At the end of the runway, we waited, not long,

And then the two engines, burnt into song,

We gathered mome...


1 Jul

Damaged B17s at RAF Harwell

In the summer of 1943 I was camping with 1155 squadron of the Air Training Corps at RAF Harwell airbase.

Four US Air Force B17s came in together one day Heavily damaged after a sortie. The n...

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