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30 May

What is the swede named after?

I remember in primary school, our teacher once asked us "what country does the swede vegetable come from?". The answer from one girl in our class was 'Switzerland' rather amusingly. I remember shootin...


7 Aug

Carcassonne visit

I've seen so many pictures of Carcassonne but actually only been there a couple of times. This was the second time that we went however, and enjoyed very much the old city, especially the lovely co...


23 Sep

Earthquake at the top of the house

I remember being at the top of the house around midnight when the whole house shook. Considering there was complete silence, it was completely surreal having never felt anything like it.



6 Mar

Working for Woolworths

I actually quite enjoyed working for Woolworths when I was 16. Worked on the tills for a while and quite enjoyed it. Best thing to do though was to work on the shopfloor on Saturdays, helping custo...


9 Aug

My Amstrad CPC 464

I remember my Amstrad with a green screen, playing games like Tony Daley's Decathlon and programming BASIC. The tape noises used to freak me out a bit, particularly if it stopped loading and the sc...


18 Jul

Summer Family Barbecue

My family of 6 out in the sunny garden until we start diving for cover into the house from wasps. A classic sight half-way through a meal.

Dad on the barbecue, mum on the salad, Grandad on t...


9 Sep

Mauritius - Luxurious & Relaxing

Me and Bex went on our first 'luxurious' holiday together to Mauritius. It was unforgettable. Crystal clear water, amazing reefs, white sand, amazing spas, amazing room looking towards the beach.


22 Jun

Holidaying with James & Ellie

Me and Bex went with James and Ellie to Crete.


11 Jul

World Cup Final 2010 with Grandad

Me and Bex went to visit Grandad to watch the World Cup Final. A real nailbiter...even though England weren't playing a part! When Spain scored, I think we all were more excited than the Spanish pl...


11 Jul

A Clarence Park Sunday

Had an afternoon relaxing in Clarence Park with some bands playing heavy rock music. The homemade freshly baked mini pizzas were good though.

Helped a 97 year old man cross the road


10 Jul

Shoreditch with Alex

Went for some drinks in the sun early evening with Alex. Cool bars and cocktails. Had 1 too many and was rather ill when I got home - Bex looked after me... Long Island Ice tea's are not good!


16 Aug

Big bottle of Robinson's Orange Squash

When I was younger, I went to a lot of basketball and football courses and camps in the summer holidays. Tiring, but amazing days!

The key to my energy was the big bottle of...

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